My journey began amidst the hum of call centres, where every voice carried a story, a need, a challenge waiting to be addressed. Over seven years, I mastered the art of empathetic listening and understanding. This foundational experience laid the cornerstone of my approach to human-centred design—where empathy isn’t just a buzzword but a guiding principle that shapes every decision.

Transitioning into the realm of fashion design was a pivot that demanded creativity and a keen business sense. For eight years, I led Design in thriving global businesses where design wasn’t solely about aesthetics; it was about understanding market dynamics, analysing sales trends, and negotiating terms and costs with international manufacturers. This phase taught me invaluable lessons in balancing form, function, cost, and profit—all while staying ahead of industry trends and customer expectations.

The past four years have seen me seamlessly blend these insights into Customer Experience, User Experience, Service Design and Product Management. Here, I merge empathy with strategic, data-driven thinking to create holistic user experiences that drive tangible business outcomes. Whether managing end-to-end product design projects or collaborating with cross-functional teams to shape strategic initiatives, my goal remains constant: to deliver solutions that not only delight users but also align with organisational goals.


I have a proven ability to drive and develop innovative strategies and programs of work leveraging data from customers and various sources to improve customer experiences and meet the organisation’s strategic aims.

Deciphering Complexity: I excel at mapping out complex ecosystems, systems and processes, ensuring every channel and interaction is seamless and compliant with strict regulations.

Insight Alchemist: A demonstrated aptitude for distilling large volumes of customer data into actionable insights, identifying customer pain points and uncovering key opportunities, and helping teams understand, direct and make informed decisions using Design Thinking methodologies.

Engaging Storyteller: Translating dense customer and business insights into engaging narratives, I leverage HCD artefacts to make complex ideas accessible to stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page and ready for action.

Strategic Catalyst: I excel at turning insight statements into design opportunities, and facilitating workshops to help businesses make strategic choices that align with both user needs and business goals.

Delivery Dynamo: With a keen eye on the clock and the target, I create roadmaps and project plans that keep teams focused and on track, working seamlessly with developers, change managers, and the wider team to de-risk delivery.

Continuous Improvement: I view feedback gathering and integration as a continuous process, essential for evolving designs that truly resonate with users. Experienced in reporting customer insights on a BAU and project basis.


Customer Experience Manager

Tabcorp, Oct 2022 - Jun 2024

Positioned within the Product and Design team, working closely with cross-functional stakeholders.

  • Executed customer experience strategies, that defined key journey moments and metrics to measure across channels, enabling TAB to benchmark customers' experiences and drive both short and long-term improvements​
  • Created a robust Customer Experience Framework to guide customer experience initiatives and facilitate cross-functional collaboration
  • Led comprehensive research, discovery, and analysis to identify customer needs and pain points, leveraging qualitative and quantitative methods to gather actionable insights
  • Synthesized research findings to clearly define user personas and key problems, facilitating the alignment of stakeholders on focused objectives and strategic priorities
  • Facilitated cross-functional collaboration workshops with ideas’ owners, business leaders and teams to frame business needs and problems using human-centred design tools and processes leading to the implementation of improvement programs within the business​
  • Partnered with key business stakeholders to establish continuous improvement processes and drive customer experience initiatives across the wider business, embedding a customer centric-mindset within all operating teams​
  • Ensured all CX program initiatives meet regulatory requirements by collaborating with Legal, Risk and Customer Care teams

Customer Experience Specialist

Tabcorp, Jun 2021 - Sept 2022

Embedded within the Marketing and CRM team, contributing to the establishment of a Customer Experience and VoC program.

  • Supported the analysis of raw customer feedback data, connecting it with operational and behavioural data. Prioritised customer feedback themes and delivered actionable insights to different areas of the business, helping teams understand customer pain points, needs and complaints that need immediate resolution
  • Supported and presented at weekly Voice of the Customer (VoC) Forums, showcasing actionable insights and opportunities, resulting in collaborative initiatives that positively impacted overall customer experience
  • Delivered actionable customer insights, mapped out customer journeys, understood customer and partner needs at different stages in their journey ensuring their pain points were correctly identified and addressed to enhance key moments that matter to them​
  • Delivered strategic recommendations and business cases guided by customer and business partners’ feedback, empowering the organisation to listen, learn and act to make the right improvements to their experiences​
  • Successfully designed and delivered a user-friendly Customer Feedback Form for raising queries and complaints. This led to an automated process that routed real-time feedback to relevant teams, improving response times and first-time resolution. Took charge of UX/UI design through to product management, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), rollback plans and delivery
  • Successfully designed and implemented enhancements to an underperforming Help Centre, which received 70-80k monthly visitors. Increased session duration by 44% and took on the roles of Product Designer and Manager for end-to-end delivery
  • Collaborated with Legal, Risk, and Customer Care teams to ensure all CX program initiatives met regulatory requirements

UX Designer

Freelance, Oct 2020 - May 2021

Worked on a freelance basis as a UX Designer across a variety of projects for small-sized businesses. Successfully executed several key projects for diverse clients, enhancing their digital user experiences.

  • Conducted user research and usability testing for various clients, identifying key user pain points, and behaviours to inform design decisions and improve product experiences
  • Synthesized research findings to create user personas, journey maps, service design blueprints, and detailed problem statements, ensuring client projects were aligned with user needs and business objectives
  • Designed and prototyped user interfaces and interactions, using Figma to iterate on solutions based on client and user feedback
  • Delivered high-quality, user-centred design solutions, collaborating closely with developers and stakeholders to ensure seamless implementation and maintaining client satisfaction through timely and effective communication


Bower Sands, Dec 2018 - Current

As the sole founder of a profitable e-commerce store, I achieved six-figure revenue growth and organically grew the Instagram following to 10k in two years, all without paid advertising

  • Conducted market research to identify target customer segments and assess competitive landscape, enabling the creation of a unique value proposition and strategic business positioning
  • Developed a comprehensive business plan, including product offerings, pricing strategy, and branding ensuring alignment with identified customer needs and market opportunities
  • Successfully designed, developed, and launched the e-commerce platform, managing all aspects of user experience, from website functionality to product listings, while iterating based on customer feedback
  • Managed all operations, including inventory management, order fulfilment, customer service and marketing campaigns, driving significant sales growth and achieving a loyal customer base

Senior Fashion Designer

Cooper Street, Ginia RTW, Project REM, August Street, Nov 2012 – Apr 2020

Successfully led design and product development in thriving global fashion businesses, each premium positioned and market leaders in their respective categories. Design, sourcing and manufacturing functions are all completed internally by the group’s dedicated and capable team

  • Conducted market research, trend analysis, and sales reports to inform seasonal collections, identifying emerging fashion trends and customer preferences to guide design direction
  • Developed comprehensive design briefs and mood boards, translating research insights into cohesive and innovative fashion collections that aligned with the brand identity and target market needs
  • Managed production processes by coordinating with overseas manufacturers, overseeing quality control, maintaining healthy profit margins, and ensuring timely delivery of products, while also handling logistics to streamline operations and meet market demand
  • Attended international trade shows to increase brand exposure and expand the client base, networking with industry professionals and showcasing upcoming collections to potential buyers
  • Embarked on overseas sourcing and buying trips to maintain competitiveness within the supply chain, discovering emerging textile innovations and securing high-quality materials at favourable costs

Customer Service Specialist

Optus, Citibank, Sensis, Tabcorp, Telstra, April 2006 - Oct 2013

7 years of experience at leading corporations, mastering empathetic listening and understanding, which has become foundational in shaping a human-centred design approach. Gained invaluable experience in customer service, emphasizing empathy as a guiding principle in design decisions

  • Efficiently handled high volume of inbound calls, delivering exceptional customer service by effectively resolving issues, providing accurate information, and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Provided technical support for products and services in an easy-to-understand manner, effectively resolving complex issues related to credit card interest, financial products, NBN connections and internet troubleshooting
  • Participated in training sessions and professional development workshops to enhance skills and stay updated with industry best practices and new technologies
  • Contributed to process improvements by providing feedback on customer interactions and suggesting new tools or methods to enhance call handling efficiency and service quality
  • Consistently exceeded performance targets for call quality, customer satisfaction, and other key performance indicators



Figma, Miro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe inDesign, PowerPoint


Tableau, Excel, Content Square, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, InMoment (VOC), Salesforce (CRM)

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