Redefining e-Commerce through the art of giving & placing people at the heart of the experience.

The Challenge

Charity Bay is a non-for-profit secondhand goods online marketplace directing 95% of proceeds to the donator's charity of choice. 

The website has an array of usability and design issues from the navigation to the listings pages. It currently takes users too many clicks to find the information they’re looking for. 


The Proposal

We proposed to improve the buyer’s journey by eliminating friction and to differentiate from competitors through highlighting positive social impact. 

We used this as an opportunity to improve a noticeably cumbersome experience and clean the visual look of the interface.

The Team

Anh - UX Design

Alina - UX Design 

Juli - UX Design 

Justin - UX Design


2 week sprint

Product Strategy & Research

Primary Persona

I designed a User Persona to put a human face on our analytics data and research findings, putting the user at the heart of the design process.


UX & Design Audit

High severity violations

• Navigation issues were adding friction to the buying process
• Users did not immediately recognize Charity Bay as a buying platform
• Some icons were unintuitive
• It takes too many clicks to find the information required

Medium severity

• The dashboard has too many different links that lead to the same place
• The copywriting is wordy. Long paragraphs encourage readers to skip over them

Low severity

• Inconsistent visual design
• Category banners had randomly generated images that were irrelevant
• Photo gallery images are automatically cropped, which disturbs the product view

Ideation Workshops

We facilitated an ideation workshop with the client team to spark innovation and encourage collaboration.

Starting from the problem statement, the team came up with How Might We's, followed by Crazy 8's, and the ideas were later evaluated using the MVP Matrix method. 

Problem Statement

The secondhand economy is a $46 billion industry in Australia.

85% of Australians have unwanted items in their home and 82% have donated to charity in 2020. 

Charity Bay is bridging the gap between donators and charity organisations, however, the website has an array of usability and design issues. It currently takes users too many clicks to find the information they're looking for. What's needed is a platform that's intuitive to use, with minimal friction.

Solving problems through design

Wireframes for Rapid Prototyping & Testing

Low-fidelity prototyping was a great technique for testing ideas early in our design process. 

Our usability testing consisted of 4 steps:

1. Orientation: facilitator welcomes participant, explains the session, what Charity Bay is, address concerns
2. Provide detailed user personas to the user for them to take on that role during the test
3. Scenarios, observations, data collection
4. Debrief, post-test interview

We asked participants to complete a total of 9 tasks using the “think-out-loud protocol.” 


Data Synthesis 

This collaborative process of sense-making helped our team to create a coherent summary of all the data gathered during the design research. We were able to build a common understanding of the users' needs, impacting our design with every iteration.

Design Systems

We had to work fast as well as cohesively due to the limited time allocated for this project.

We decided on typography and colour and built out a Figma components library in the hope to streamline those early steps to align designers in a fast pace environment.

I designed a style guide to ensure a continuous brand experience.


Information Architecture

A completely restructured and decluttered sitemap gives the new site much-needed clarity. I created an information architecture flow to help us figure out all the different functions needed in the website and define a high-level user flow.


Organising Information

Information architecture ensures users spend less time and effort searching for information and are successful in finding what they need.

I prioritized useful information to the Home page and moved secondary information to the About page. 


5/5 users didn't recognise Charity Bay as an eCommerce platform.

By adding a fully expandable search bar and displaying listings on the home page, users immediately understood the purpose of the site - to buy and sell.

100% of users wanted to see the impact of their donations measured by metrics.

Storytelling and building trust through transparency is important. I set out to achieve this through highlighting How It Works, Value Propositions, and Featured Charities.

A Listings Page with just enough to inform, without the information overload.

Ridding analysis paralysis.

The old dashboard showed too much information upfront, leading to Analysis paralysis.

The new dashboard discloses information progressively and allows users to drill down further if they wish to.

Digital Strategy

In 2020, Australians donated $475 million to causes they care about based on information they saw on Facebook and Instagram. We also know that Gen X, Y, Z make up 66.6% of donators, and this cements the importance of connecting with the giving community via social media.

I quickly designed a sponsored Instagram story to show the client how they can reach more users through social media.

Next Steps

48% of people shop via mobile at least once a week

With the growing use of a smartphone, people love their convenience in anything including shopping. This  means if an e-commerce store hasn't created a mobile responsive design then they are losing potential customers. 

If I had more time to work on this project, designing a website that is responsive arosss desktop, tablet, mobile and all formats in between would be a priority. 


With every new project I'm involved in, there is so much to be learned. 

We received a lot of feedback and new ideas for features with this website and learned to prioritize relevant ideas while backlogging others and understanding what ideas are technically feasible. 

At the end of all of this, we were proud to address real problems and deliver solutions that enhance the user's experience. 

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