E-Invoicing Made Seamless

The Challenge

Link4 provides an award-winning Procure-to-Pay Solution for Small and Medium Businesses. They've helped over 3000 Australian businesses save time, reduce costs, and get paid faster.

 However, data shows that after signing up, only 50% of users complete the onboarding process.


The Proposal

We were tasked to reshape the onboarding experience behind Australia's #1 Electronic Invoice Delivery solution. 

We also set out to equip the client with the tools needed to increase conversion. We focused on frictionless design, information architecture, and delightful data collection.

The Team

Anh - UX Design

Alina - UX Design 

Amanda - UX Design 

Jiuen - UX Design


2 week sprint

Product Strategy & Research

Exploratory Interviews

We interviewed business owners and accountants who could be potential users.

We wanted to validate the needs and expectations from a service like Link4. 

We surveyed 16 users, conducted 8 interviews and 9 usability tests on the current-state website. I discussed their attitudes toward existing accounting tools; what their challenges are and what motivates them to keep using them.


Key Insights

⦾ The sign-up process is too long and users lose interest before even landing on the dashboard. 

⦾ There's a need for a better explanation of KYC verification so that users understand why we need this information from them - it's a government requirement. 

⦾ The 24-hour verification process restricts user engagement because, during this time, there is nothing for the user to do except leave the site. 

⦾ Users were reluctant to upload identification docs at sign-up because they just wanted to explore the service first. 

Quantitative Data

Additionally, we synthesized data from 65 customer reviews to understand the challenges and needs of users. 

Users indicated that making data collection delightful is an important factor in achieving a great onboarding experience.

" The initial setup was very long. The fewer clicks and initial data entry required, the better."

"The functionality was clumsy and you can't access the pool of data from the main screen. It feels longwinded."


What needed improvement

⦾ Users wanted fewer clicks and instant access to the dashboard
⦾ The dashboard is unintuitive and confusing
⦾ Lack of tips to help familiarise new users
⦾ Need for better UI design

What users liked about Link4

⦾ It's a big time-saver for users
⦾ It easily links with other accounting software
⦾ It provides excellent technical support 
⦾ Invoice automation
⦾ Reporting capabilities

Competitive Analysis

To assess Link4’s strengths and weaknesses, I conducted a competitor analysis by:

⦾ comparing Link4's features and pricing to other e-invoicing platforms accredited by the ATO.
⦾ analyzing onboarding and sign-up processes of Link4 and competitors.
⦾ exploring what happens after a user signs up and logs in? 

Areas of opportunity for Link4 are same-day onboarding and a refer and earn program.


SaaS Onboarding

Onboarding is done easy when it:

⦾ Offers users a roadmap and process
⦾ Sends consistent reminders and motivators
⦾ Has resources for potential sticking points

Onboarding is made predictable when it:

⦾ Segments engagements based on user goals
⦾ Adapts to changing goals over time
⦾ Is created and tested intentionally



Problem Statement

Finance professionals spend a lot of time on invoicing, and they want to optimize financial management workflows.

Link4 provides a solution to this problem, however, after signing up to Link4, only 50% of users complete the onboarding process.

A cumbersome onboarding has resulted in the loss of almost 3000 customers, so how might we solve this?

Solving For Users

Finding the gaps

A user journey map helped identify pain points and areas of opportunity. 

⦿ Authentication methods
⦿ Guided flows
⦿ Personal voice and tone
⦿ Micro-interactions
⦿ Guided tours
⦿ Information hover boxes
⦿ Decluttered sitemap
⦿ Information architecture
⦿ Same-day onboarding
⦿ Refer & Earn program


Adding Value Early

A repeating theme in the research is the need to access the dashboard early to be able to explore how the platform works.

If KYC identification cannot be verified any sooner than 24 hours, the user should still have access to the dashboard and explore features/tutorials

A revised flow gives the onboarding process fewer steps and fast access to the dashboard.


Design Systems

We had to work fast as well as cohesively due to the limited time allocated for this project.

We decided on typography and colour and built out a Figma components library in the hope to streamline those early steps to align designers in a fast pace environment.

I designed a style guide to ensure a continuous brand experience.


Delivering Pixel Perfect Prototypes

Flexible & Frictionless Account Creation

Designing a flexible set of steps that can capture the amount of data the user feels comfortable submitting—prioritizing name, email, and password fields—while leaving the door ajar for a customer to skip at any time.

Accounting software icons are weighted by popularity to reduce cognitive load and have a clickable effect because users enjoy interaction feedback.

A process indicator bar and interactive checklist quickly identify documents required for KYC and steps to completion.

Up-to-date software logos build trust and uniform design makes information easy to digest.


Celebrate Task Completion

Congratulating task completion with a GIF celebrates the user through gamification.

Next steps prompt users to view tutorials or explore the dashboard, keeping engagement levels high.

Organised Navigation

A previously cumbersome dashboard with three separate navigation menus created confusion.

A refined navigation bar simplifies a now intuitive dashboard, designed with information architecture in mind.


Register First, Add User Preferences Later

To reduce the steps at initial sign-up, we moved 'Preferences' and 'Bank Details' to the dashboard

Users who sign in for the first time receive a pop-up notification prompting them to update missing information.

Users can also update their KYC identification here if they've skipped it at the sign-up stage.

Refer & Earn Program

The refer-and-earn program was identified as an opportunity in our competitor research. 

Additionally, 100% of the people we interviewed had not heard of Link4 before so we designed a strategy to build brand awareness and loyalty.


Next Steps

How can Link4 continue to add value for its users?

Business needs are forever changing so it's critical to keep up and grow with users, as their needs evolve.

If I had more time to work on this project, I would segment engagements based on user goals and tackle the problems in each segment by a hierarchy of usefulness to improve user experience. 


Being our first project, there could have been more honest conversations had early on when setting expectations of the client. The lack of urgency resulted in inadequate time to gain valuable user feedback from the client's existing database of 3000 users.

Although we worked around this by analyzing 65 customer reviews and Google Analytics, I will be better equipped in setting expectations for future projects. 

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